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KIM Kardashian flashed her cleavage in her latest sexy selfie

Feb 14, 2018

The 37-year-old reality star turned tech and beauty mogul has spent the last few weeks courting controversy thanks to her string of nude and semi-nude snaps.

Kim Kardashian has shared another sexy selfie as she shows off her cleavage and her bling in a revealing snap

She recently posed by some designer bins for a magazine shoot

Now she’s posted another picture of her dripping in bling as she shows off her ample cleavage.

Posing in a plunging knitted jumper, Kim showed off her ample gold necklaces and matching rings in the picture which she captioned: “Hey Saturday”.

It comes after Kim shocked her fans by sharing a semi-nude picture taken by her four-year-old daughter North West.

In the snap, Kim is looking into the mirror as she takes off her bra.

Kim Kardashian has divided her fans by sharing this snap taken by her daughter North

The flash obscures North but she can be seen taking the picture of her mum.

However, her followers were left divided by the snap with many saying that it was inappropriate for North to have taken the picture.

Others defended the star and said it was perfectly normal for children to be in the same room while their parents got changed.


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