Nine ways to handle a woman’s breasts during sex

Feb 11, 2018

Some other men are known to handle the breasts in an aggressive manner, not minding the sensitivity and the fact that wrong handling can put off the woman and even kill her sexual desire.

According to obstetrics/ gynecologist, Dr. Christiane Northrup, the best way to handle the breasts is to gently stimulate the nipples, either with hands or, better still, with the tongue.

Therefore suggest the following ways to handle your woman’s breasts!

  • Understand that all breasts aren’t the same: Some women want breast stimulation in the form of tender, soft teasing, and some want it rougher. So, know your woman, says sex expert, Lora Somoza.
  • Start out gently, and know what she likes: Handle with caution and gently trace your fingers over their outer edges, Somoza counsels. Run your thumb lightly over her nipples, using only your fingertips to caress her as you breathe warm air over them.
  • Avoid grabbing or kneading.
  • Be a tease: Kiss her entire breasts, but ignore her nipples for a few minutes. Breathe over them provocatively, but don’t make any physical contact until her body is writhing in pleasure.
  • Communicate… without ruining the mood: While you’re touching or caressing her, say things like ‘Do you like that? Does that turn you on?’ It doesn’t have to be clinical.
  • Let her teach you: Bypassing the power on to her, she gets to be the teacher. Ask her to show you what she likes. That can be really erotic, Somoza counsels.
  • Reach around from behind during doggie-style or place her own hands on her breasts as she rides you so she can show you just how she likes to be touched.
  • Pay attention to her reactions and breathing: Pay attention to her breathing, the way she moans, etc. But don’t ignore the breasts themselves, as sexual arousal causes more blood flow to the breasts, and often results in the breast tissue swelling up to 25%.
  • Compliment those breasts! We think this should be the Number One on the list! If you love her breasts, tell her! “Compliments are the most powerful aphrodisiacs, and feeling comfortable in her skin will help to elevate her mood, libido, and sexual response,” says sexologist, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly.


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