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Rakhi Sawant gives 55 retakes for a kissing scene   

Feb 4, 2018

The not queen of controversy in Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant never shies away from making bold statements and while her hot pictures and greeting to fan make her a rock star on social media. And while the latest headline Rakhi Sawant made for her condom advertisements where she claimed that the Government was scared of her, the actress is in news once again.

Yes, Rakhi who is playing a drug addict in her upcoming film had quite a tough time in shooting for a kissing scene for the film and an incident from her past is to be blamed for this. As per media reports, the actress took 55 retakes and had to down a half bottle of alcohol to shoot for the scene and the reason behind that was the kissing incident she had with Mika Singh.

Talking about the same scene Rakhi said in an interview that, “While doing the scene I was, again and again, remembering Mika Singh. I could not forget that incident from my mind, I was scared. It seemed that someone is compelling me, taking advantage of me. I did not feel like I was acting in front of the camera. I was feeling that all this was happening to me again.


For those who don’t know in the past singer, Mika Singh had indulged in a lip lock with the actress in a party after which a huge controversy was created.

Adding further Rakhi said, “I was in tensed while shooting for this scene. I did not do this earlier, I was uncomfortable. I had to drink half bottle of alcohol. I did not know that the film also has kissing scenes but it was a demand for a character. When I refused to do the scenes, the makers said that we will teach you.” Also, read: Rakhi Sawant questions the Government’s new condom ad rule, asks if the they are scared?

While the past still haunts Rakhi Sawant she is looking forward have her someone special this valentine’s day. In fact, she has also asked people on Instagram if anyone wants to be her valentine.


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