Rita Ora shows how she has learned her fashion sense from her look-a-like parent

Feb 25, 2018

She has a £20 million fortune, A-list friends and several No 1 hits – so it’s no surprise that Rita Ora also has a dedicated gang of lookalike followers.

But take a close look at one particular super-fan often pictured by her side, who seems to copy her every fashion twist and turn. Why, the likeness is such that Rita could even be her daughter…

Indeed, the 27-year-old star has never made any secret of being close to Mum. And, as these pictures show, the singer and DJ has learned a thing or two from 51-year-old Vera, not least her dress sense.

Rita was born in war-torn Kosovo and, as a toddler, fled with her father Besnick and Vera, who had big ambitions for her little girl.

Last week Rita performed in this skimpy number, left, though her mum beat her to it, choosing a similar cozzy for a yacht holiday in 2016

In fact Rita credits her mother as the mastermind of her astonishing rise from a London childhood in the shadow of Grenfell Tower to international celebrity. The Mail on Sunday can reveal that in 2009, Rita – then completely unknown – had been in the running to represent Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest. But Vera suggested she pull out and perform at an ‘open mic’ event a stone’s throw from her home.

There a record label executive signed her up – the first step to becoming a phenomenon boasting the Obamas, Oprah Winfrey and Madonna as close friends.

Vera has certainly given Rita an eye for success, even if they leave the rest of us thinking we’re seeing double…


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