Single Woman Hoodwinked By “Respectable” Lions Club Member

18th August 2018, Kathmandu

A hapless  “single” woman has been left high and dry by  a  “respectable” man, who moved to USA after swindling her.

Sarita Poudel lives in a rented house in Boudha and runs a shop to make a living for herself and her young primary school-going son, after being divorced in middle age by her husband, who married another woman.

Sarita borrowed Rs. 4,00,000/- from one Dipak Krishna Dawadi, who was a member of a local Lions Club in Kathmandu, whose parent organization is Lions Club International, based in USA.

According to the official website, the  mission of the Lions Club Internationmal is “To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs” and their vision istatement says their goal is “To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.”

Sarita had borrowed the money to help a gentleman, whom she regarded like a  “maternal uncle”. This gentleman could not even service the monthly interest of Rs. 15,000/- on the money borrowed by Sarita. Consequently,  Sarita herself toiled day and night and paid that monthly interest amount for 20 months and then even re-paid  the principal amount of Rs. 4,00,000/- to the “respectable” Lions Club member Deepak Krishna Dawadi.

As per the standard practice, upon re-payment of the principal amount with interest the lender either provides a written receipt or shreds the loan agreement paper. Dawadi promised Sarita that he would shred  the loan agreement paper “tomorrow” and did not give any receipt to her.

But Dawadi did not destroy or invalidate the loan agreement paper.  With the benefit of hindsight, Sarita attributes this to Dawadi’s habit of enjoying by hoodwinking others (“thagna lai palkisakeko”).

Blinded by greed, Dawadi later used that loan deed to file a legal suit against her in Kathmandu district court to purpotedly recover money from Sarita, which  Sarita had already re-paid and fully settled.

Sarita had also borrowed money from one Gorkha Savings Coopertaive Society by mortaging land which she jointly owned with one of her friends.

In collusion with the then section head and chief of Land Registration Office (Malpot Karyalaya), Chabel, Dawadi managed to “illegally” transfer the ownership of the land in his name, despite the piece of land already been mortgaged in favour of Gorkha Savings Cooperative Society.

Later, Sarita and her friend managed to get back the ownership of land after filing legal suit in kathmandu District Court. However, there was another twist in the case as Dipak Krishna Dawadi with the help of his lawyer brother, Bishwa Bhusan Dawadi,  filed another legal suit in Kathmandu High Court. The court issued a stay order against the land prohibiting any action (like transfer of ownersip).

When Pariwartankhabar.Com called Bishwa Bhusan Dawadi on mobile phone, he said that she (Sarita) has already won the case in district court, and that he would not like to discuss anything further on phone.

Sarita approached Pariwartankhabar.Com with her story and spoke on camera and told her story. We have full recorded conversation with her, including her complaints and accusations.

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