Taylor Swift Fans Target Karlie Kloss After She Was Spotted With Katy Perry

Feb 11, 2018

Karlie Kloss recently was spotted hanging out with Katy Perry — and Taylor Swift fans have taken notice.

On Thursday, February 8, TMZ published a photo of the model and the “Bon Appétit” singer out for dinner in Los Angeles, along with a few other friends. Swifties responded in the way that Swifties often do — with an onslaught of emojis on social media.

In the wake of the published photo, some fans have started spamming Karlie’s Instagram with rat emojis, seemingly targeting the model for hanging with Katy — who, of course, has had a rumored feud with Taylor for years. Others took to Twitter to express similar thoughts, writingthings like “Karlie, get ready for ur song sis.”

However, not all fans have taken this to mean that there’s “bad blood” between Karlie and Taylor. One Twitter user pointed out that Karlie can be friends with both Taylor and Katy simultaneously, and another simply said: “Just woke up from my nap to tell you to leave Karlie Kloss alone.”

This isn’t the first time that fans have targeted Karlie and fueled a conspiracy about a rift between her and Taylor. Last month, the model posted a video of herself playing basketball and captioned it “Swish Swish” — which also bears the name of one of Katy’s recent songs. At the time, Swifties angrily descended upon the picture, accusing Karlie of starting drama. (Karlie later changed the caption, possibly because it incited so much backlash.)

However, it’s worth noting that Karlie is entitled to be friends with whomever she wants — and, perhaps more importantly, the trend of pitting women against each other needs to stop. While it can be fun to look for “clues” on social media with regard to celebrities’ personal lives, there comes a point where people are needlessly mining for drama that just might not exist. Not everything means that there’s a fight going on; sometimes a caption is just a caption, or a photo is just a photo.

As for Karlie and Taylor, their friendship is probably just fine. After all, who could forget Karlie’s sweet birthday photo for Taylor last year? Hopefully this rumor can be put to rest — and stay there, for good.


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