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5 tips to make your date a memorable experience this Valentine’s Day

Feb 8, 2018

1) Punctuality: Although there are a bunch of people who claim that punctuality is the virtue of the bored; ensure you reach the restaurant on not if not a little early. A reason why it’s essential to reach a little early and wait for your date to arrive is solely because it shows that you care and are genuinely serious. Besides, what better way to make some extra brownie points?

2) Go Unconventional: While everyone loves a quintessential dinner at a restaurant with wine, why don’t you opt for a unique approach this year. You can opt for adrenaline pumping activities like paragliding, sailing, or camping. We bet something as offbeat as these will definitely win her heart.

3) Cook a Meal: Instead of a luxurious dinner date at a plush place, why don’t you call your date home and cook a sumptuous meal. Home cooked butter rice with chicken stroganoff or red wine pasta always do the trick. You can light candles across the room, play some romantic music and dance through the night. What better way to spend Valentine’s at your own convenience.

4) Be Honest: Come what may always say the truth. Whether you don’t like the fragrance your date is donning or a particular habit, always say it. But don’t be brash about it. Not only does this reveal a part of your personality, but your partner will also appreciate your honesty.

5) Compliment you date: A little appreciation always goes a long way.  Whether it’s the tie your date is donning or the gift he’s given you, always say something nice.

While these are essential tips, ensure to stay away from your smartphone and actually spend time with your date and get to know them better. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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